MEWUSA membersship is opened to any working person(employees as defined by the labour relation act, 1995) irrespective of race, colour and creed, who accept principles, policies and programmes and commits to abide by the constitution and rules. Application for a admission is lodged by the applicant in writting on a prescred membership application form with the regional or provincial or head offices of MEWUSA. Application for memebership is considered by the regional executive committee or provincial executive committee or by the national executive committee, then the membership card is issued to the registered members. Members pay monthly subscriptions into contituional prescribed union main account.

Termination of Membership

Union membership will be terminated if

  1. A member may resign by giving a month's notice to the regional Executive Committee or National Executive Committee.
  2. The union membership is terminated in terms of section 52.1 of MEWUSA constitution
  3. A member has resigned or is not in good standing or is suspended or has been expelled from the union shall not be entitled to participate in the affairs of the union and shall have to claim to any benefits provided

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